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Description of Complaint Procedure


Our approach to complaint handling is based on the guiding principles of listening, responding and improving. Effective management of complaints is a key part of treating our students fairly. We ensure any complaint received is investigated as effectively and objectively as possible.


Complaint can be deñned as any expression of grievance, concern, displeasure or resentment. Any correspondence that appears t0 be of this nature will be logged as a complaint.


Complaints can be received in Writing or orally to the Human Resource Representative. We strongly urge the complaint be put in Writing to ensure no misunderstanding concerning the nature and detail ofthe case. lf received orally it will be recorded by the Human Resource Representative which will be confirmed by the complaint that the infomation has been received correctly.


The complaint will be investigated thoroughly and the response will take 7 working days and if the student is not satisñed with the response they can take it with New York State Division of Criminal Justice 518-457-3580.